"How You Like Me Now?" - The Heavy

How You Like Me Now?

I am seriously digging the funky, retro sound of "How You Like Me Now?". The choice to sample Dyke & The Blazers' "Let A Woman Be A Woman - Let A Man Be A Man" was absolutely genius and gives it an infectious beat that I love. There aren't a whole lot of subtleties to this song; the title itself gives it away. And who doesn't dream of seeing that certain someone from a past life and impressing them with how cool/smart/mature/awesome you are now?

Like the song, this outfit has few, if any, subtleties. How appropriate, then, to include the Giuseppe Zanotti sandals designed by Kanye West, a man known for many things, but none of them subtlety (let's count how many times I can use the word "subtlety" in this post). I wanted the rest of the ensemble to speak to the retro-inspired nature of the song, adding some modern cat-eye shades, a little leopard peplum, and some cavity-inducing sweet bubblegum leather skinnies.

I suppose this look could be considered over-the-top, but so is the message that's being sent, so I think it fits.

Listen to the song here.