"Little Talks" - Of Monsters And Men

Little Talks

It has been unseasonably warm recently here in Minneapolis, and it's really getting me in the mood for spring (let's get real, I'm never not in the mood for spring. But this is getting me even more excited). Ok, I may be getting ahead of myself - one forty-degree day does not spring make, but January flew by, amirite? Yes, February is the worst month ever always, but March has the potential to be lovely this year. So here's to March and easing into spring with this pastel palette and the deliciously vintage inspired hat with the adorably practical mittens and that gorgeous Etro coat.

This is another one of those instant "I LOVE THIS" songs for me - Of Monsters And Men is very reminiscent of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes with their back-and-forth choruses and infectiously fun, brass-abundant melodies. This song is about love, growing old together, and eventually accepting death. Not such a happy notion, but the way they sing about it makes me want to smile and cry all at once. It makes me feel a lot like "C'est La Mort" makes me feel because the message is so similar, especially as the lyrics cry, "no wait, wait, wait for me/please hang around/I'll see you when I fall asleep". The difference is this song is so beautifully upbeat and childlike; it tells the same story in a completely different way.

I paired this look with "Little Talks" because this is what I imagine the woman wearing as she waits for her husband. It's youthful and pretty and fun yet still feels glamorous and romantic. 

Listen to the song here.


"Kill My Boyfriend" - Natalia Kills

Kill My Boyfriend

I first discovered Natalia Kills when she opened for Robyn's Body Talk tour in early 2011. I thought she was dark but oh-so-fun to listen and dance to. Since then she's released a full length album, Perfectionist, opened for a bit on Katy Perry's California Dreams tour (when Robyn was unavailable), and put out an incredible video for "Kill My Boyfriend" (watch it here - seriously, watch it. It is stunning to watch, if not a bit disturbing, what with the whole "she's plotting to murder her boyfriend" thing. And the looks are to die for.).

This song is so absurdly catchy, I sort of forget that I'm chanting "kill, kill, kill" as I sing along. It reminds me a bit of Kate Nash's "Kiss That Grrrl", in that the melody and message of the song totally differ from each other. I love when that happens. And at its core, this song is really all about being with the one you truly love, by any means necessary. How sweet!

Hence the adorable, very spring-forward Mulberry peplum top with the super-strong Balmain leather pants. The look is clearly based on these two opposing pieces, but the accessories all have a pretty/edgy balance as well. The Missoni jacket boasts some shoulder hardware, the ASOS platforms provide a wide heel (perfect for chasing after that boyfriend*), and that ring is likely actually considered to be a viable weapon.

Again, listen to the song and watch the video here.

*Note: I am not endorsing actual violence with this post, I promise. I just have a weakness for pop songs with an edge.


"Blue Spotted Tail" - Fleet Foxes

Blue Spotted Tail

I am very excited that we're starting to see more and more printed denim - it's such a fun way to update a classic wardrobe staple! This outfit was built around these adorably floral jeans by Citizens of Humanity. I love how spring-forward this look is with the mint green. I also love how I find this ensemble to be somewhat ageless - by that, I mean I could picture a 6-year-old version of myself wearing this, I could see myself wearing it today, and I could see myself throwing this on at the ripe age of 70 (I will be a hip septuagenarian).

It's the agelessness that inspired me to pair this look with Fleet Foxes "Blue Spotted Tail". An incredibly simple song (just singular vocals and an acoustic guitar, a standout in an album otherwise full of robust choruses with mixed harmonies and instrumentation), it asks big questions that everyone asks as a child, but we never truly find the answer, even once we're old. Questions like "why are there stars in the sky?", and "why are born, just to die?".

These questions transcend age and time, just as I intend this outfit to do so. Maybe not time - I don't think printed denim will be around forever.

Listen to the song here.


"Somebody That I Used To Know" - Gotye

Somebody That You Used To Know

Have you guys heard this song by Gotye? Have you seen the incredible video? This has quickly become my new favorite song, and Gotye's album, Making Mirrors, has been played on repeat while I'm at work. My only complaint is that I'm just now discovering this fantastic artist. But now that I have, it's only fitting that I pay him tribute with a new outfit!

This is a breakup song, but one of those awesome "good riddance" breakup songs that you sing along to once you've realized you're much better off without him. With that in mind, I thought it best to style this look based on a sexy, look-what-you're-missing dress. I didn't want it to be that simple, however. It's too easy to just do a sexy red dress and some killer stillettos. I want to add a bit more character, so I chose a more twee version of a sexy red dress (put a bird on it!), some cutesy Alex and Chloe heart earrings, and an adorably chic Marc Jacobs clutch. Then, to toughen it up and make the sex appeal undeniable, I included the DSquared stilettos and Alexander Wang leather jacket.

I would kill to accidentally run into an ex in this outfit, and I would have this song playing in my head as I did.


"Forca" - Nelly Furtado


Before "Promiscuous Girl" swept the nation about 5 years ago, Nelly Furtado released her sophomore album, Folklore. I was in love with this album. I thought it was a perfectly eclectic mix of songs that were fun and personal and beautiful to listen to.

Folklore had a number of great songs that I enjoyed, but one that I always turned to when I needed cheering up was "Forca". This is one of those seriously empowering songs that can't help but make you feel better and more tenacious. What better to pair it with than a look with strong gold accessories and an unbelievably bold top? The gorgeous Lanvin skirt brings a softer sense of femininity to the ensemble, but that top requires some serious confidence. 

Listen to the song here.


"C'est la Mort" - The Civil Wars

C'est La Mort

When I first saw looks from Rodarte's Fall 2011 collection, I remember being especially impressed with this gown. The entire show had an overwhelming Americana feel, but this one took that theme so much more literally yet still remained modern with its elegant draping and silhouette. When I see this dress, I think of visiting South Dakota and climbing hay bails. I haven't done that since I was 9, but somehow the memory for my still has a romantic sense to it. It reminds me of exploring through woods and fields and imagining what it would be like to live in a different time.

I picked up The Civil Wars' debut album Barton Hallow shortly after it was released. I consider myself to be an avid Contemporary Folk listener, so it was no surprise that I was quite fond of this album. But no track has taken by breath away quite like "C'est la Mort". It's all about an unconditional love that will never die - one of the most beautiful notions there is, really. The repeated phrase "please, don't go without me" hits me every time. 

This song and that dress being the standouts within an incredible collection make it only fitting that they be paired together. And of course the Americana translates through both as well. 

Listen to the song here.


Style Resolution 2012

Yes, it's that time of year - the beginning of it, that is. When we make promises to ourselves to make sure it's the best one yet. This year, instead of swearing to visit the gym more often, I decided to apply my annual promise to my wardrobe. I am challenging myself to experiment even more boldly with print, pattern, and texture. No songs today, just a couple looks put together with this idea in mind. What are your style resolutions for 2012?

Textures and Patterns

This is something that I wish I could wear to work. I suppose I could, without the sweater - a bit too casual for my office. But I would bring the sweater with me to wear as I enjoy a casual drink with friends.

Tucker long sleeve shirt, $306; CALYPSO ST BARTH long shirt, $179; Vionnet lace skirt, £1,089; Steve Madden platform heels, $145; Juicy Couture cross body handbag, £130; ABS Allen Schwartz beaded jewelry, $150

2012 resolution 2

Minnie Mouse was the muse here. I am borderline obsessed with collars.

Kain silk shirt, $189; Shirts blouse, £29; Lanvin sequin pants, $1,555; Kat Maconie flat shoes, $140; Miu miu handbag, $1,495; ASOS sequin jewelry, $27

style resolution 3

My favorite master of print & pattern, Proenza Schouler. And that loose knit sweater is just to die for.

KENNY short sleeve shirt, $127; D G slim fit shirt, €169; Proenza Schouler short skirt, €280; Zara boots, $100; 3 1 Phillip Lim clutch handbag, $425; Noir jewelry


"The Wilhelm Scream" - James Blake

The Wilhelm Scream - James Blake

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their various holidays with friends and/or family. I was fortunate enough to enjoy a wonderful week long vacation at Summit Lake Lodge in Moose Pass, Alaska. It was pretty refreshing to be totally unplugged for seven days, and I was able to come up with a decent list of future posts - I'm so excited to share them all with you!

Without further ado, so begins the first real post of 2012. Fittingly, its inspiration was a song I heard on NPR's All Songs Considered podcast featuring the best music of 2011. I had heard this song by James Blake before on The Current, but this was the first time I was able to listen with headphones and really envelop myself in the sound. Boy, am I glad I did. This song is incredible.

The lyrics are simple in theory, focusing on the idea of "fallin', fallin', fallin', fallin'", but the melody just builds on itself in a really profound way. It begins somewhat dark but dreamy with a little bit of a futuristic feel and then grows in intensity and almost loses control. I think the folks at NPR summed it up best when they described it as a "startling sound".

This look is a tamer version of what I feel in this song. It starts with a simple, dark, elegant gown and the wearer just continues to add on to it with louder and louder accessories. I am seriously loving all the neon I'm seeing right now, and I was excited at the chance to incorporate it into this look.

Listen to the song here.