"We Are Young" - Fun.

We Are Young
I love writing these posts because it allows me to better understand why I love certain songs and connect with them. I've realized that themes that really resonate with me have been ones that evoke a sense of nostalgia, or love, or a sense of mortality. This is not one of those songs. But I still adore it.

This song has really been heating up the charts, as they say (gross), and it's easy to understand why. The melody is catchy as it builds, the percussion is moving and the overall sound gives the listener a sense of motivation to get out there and live. The message is simple: seize the moment. Enjoy life. The world is ours. Party it up. And, if we're being honest, get out there and find someone to carry you home tonight.

In honor of that sentiment, I've assembled one of those "out on the town" looks. You know the one - a little over the top, consisting of at least one piece that you're not quite sure you can pull off (but your friends insist you're rocking it, only you could make it work, and after a couple drinks you know that they are SO RIGHT)? This look is reserved for a night that will include more than one bar and dancing, lots of dancing.  So we have a Roland Mouret strappy top, some deliciously unavoidable J Brand waxed skinnies, Gucci zebra stilettos (you can totally dance in heels), and, of course, classic Wayfarers. If this look doesn't emulate a carefree night out, I don't know what does.

Listen to the song here.


"Who'd Have Known" - Lily Allen

Who'd Have Known

Oh hey, did you guys know that it's almost Valentine's Day? Sort of hard to miss, what with all the commercials and love song/anti-Valentine's Day breakup song playlists. Being a bit of a romantic, I'm getting into the Valentine's spirit this year, paying extra close attention to all the love songs I listen to and buying handy hearts by the pound. On of the songs I've picked up recently is Lily Allen's "Who'd Have Known". It's been sampled on T-Pain & Wiz Khalifa's "5 O'Clock", but I listened to the orginal and it's such a sweet, honest story about the beginning of a relationship.

This look was a little trickier to put together because the song is much more literal than songs I've posted about in the past. With that in mind, I made the outfit a bit more "literal" as well, with literal meaning "totally wearable". This is what I imagine the girl in the song wearing her first night out with her crush. It's simple, accessible, cool, casual, but has some very pretty accessories to amp up the girly factor. 

Question time! What are you planning on wearing on Valentine's Day? Or what would you wear on your first big night with that special someone? 

Listen to the song here.


"Violent Games" - Poliça

Violent Games

Being a proud Minnesotan, I support Minnesotan musicians. We are very fortunate to have an incredible local music scene, as well as a truly exceptional radio station to showcase that music.The Current recently celebrated their 7th birthday at First Ave, and Poliça was the closing act. Their performance was highly anticipated, as the group had received a lot of positive buzz since releasing songs of their debut album "Give You The Ghost" (this album is incredible - it's available for electronic purchase now and the CD/vinyl will be released on Valentine's day). They did not disappoint. Their performance was truly captivating and their sound is amazing. I've been listening to their album on repeat since that show, and this song has really resonated with me. 

I generally like to listen to the lyrics of a song to feel a real connection to the meaning & emotion behind it, but this is a song of few words, and what really catches my attention is the overwhelming sound. The track opens with what sounds like an alarm and continues to build and lose control. It feels very futuristic, almost apocalyptic, and the minimal lyrics tell of desperation; the repeated idea of violent games and the raw sound make it feel animalistic.

Those were the ideas I wanted to invoke with this look, and what better designer to showcase than Alexander McQueen? His work typically has a dark beauty that is simply fascinating to me, and that mysteriousness was perfect for this song. I added some modern, rough around the edges, and a little over-the-top accessories to allude to the dystopian future in which I envision the wearer of this look living.

Unfortunately there's not a link to listen to this particular track, but here's the video for another track, "Lay Your Cards Out" (another really amazing song), and I very much encourage you to purchase their album!