Things Emma Loves: Animal Sweaters

Things Emma Loves: Animal Sweaters

Remember how I said this may look a little different in the coming weeks? Let me introduce you to a new feature where I gush about a particular trend/genre in fashion/music with which I'm currently obsessed. Today, I am channeling my inner five-year-old and adoring all these fine-knit pullovers featuring our furry friends (believe it or not, all that alliteration was totally an accident - but I'm not going to correct it).


"Sweet Sour" - Band of Skulls

Sweet Sour

What do you call a more innocent version of a femme fatale? Like, someone that has just a bit of edge - not enough to be dangerous, but enough to be interesting - and still an undeniable adorability? I'm not sure exactly what she'd be called, but I do know that Band of Skulls' "Sweet Sour" would be her anthem and this would be her signature look.

This look appears almost preppy until you stop to notice the details: leather almost everywhere, sky-high Louboutins, accessories boasting a bit of hardware. This chick has layers. She is complex. She will keep you guessing and keep life exhilarating.

I love how this song is a bit reminiscent of 80's rock - the look is almost too tame for such a genre, but I think the added subtleties of the look make the pairing all the better. It makes the resulting personality of the wearer that much more surprising.

Listen to the song here.


"The Only Place" - Best Coast

The Only Place

Last week it was my birthday. My birthday has always been and will always be my favorite day of the year. I am well aware that this is because it is the one day a year I feel I can let my inner narcissist out into the world and not be sorry at all for demanding all of the attention. And I think it is very healthy that I can admit that. 

Unfortunately, looking forward to an August birthday practically year-round causes the rest of summer to fly by incredibly fast. Last week also marked the first time in months that Minneapolis wasn't a slave to sweltering heat. While the cool breeze and cloudy skies were a welcome change after nights of sweating through semi-consciousness in an apartment with a shoddy window A/C unit, it also made me a little sad that the summer was beginning to come to an end.

To mark my defiance of the inevitable change in season, today's look is based on Best Coast's "The Only Place". This song is the perfect summer anthem. If we're being fair, it's more of an ode to California, but being a true Minnesotan girl, I'm going to pretend they meant Minnesota lakes when they sing "we've got the ocean/got the babes/got the sun/we've got the waves". That totally applies to Lakes Nokomis, Calhoun, Isles, and Harriet. Minus the waves, I suppose.

Regardless, this look embodies a carefree summer day wonderfully. It's got the necessary layers to transition from a day on the beach/boat to bonfire, and those washed out colors lazily speak to a day of no responsibilities. 

Listen to the song here

Well, hello again.

Whoops. Accidentally took a four month hiatus there.

The good news is, that break allowed me to think about what I want this to become. I've been pretty happy with what I've produced thus far, but what I've really enjoyed is how this has reignited the creative spark in me in a way that I haven't felt in a very long time. Wanting to actually invest in this project has forced me to be more connected to music, fashion, and the wealth of resources at my disposal.

As a result, I'm re-prioritizing how I want to spend my time, which means looking into guitar lessons and classes at MCAD instead of endless hours spent watching my Hulu queue. Allowing myself to truly be inspired by the art and concerts I attend and act on it.

So, what I'm saying, is this may look a little different in the coming weeks/months. The focus will forever be music and fashion, but in different iterations. It's still a bit abstract, but I'm always optimistic.