Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland

Alexander McQueen dress / Zero + Maria Cornejo coat / Carven shoes / Diane von Furstenberg clutch / chloe + isabel necklace / Lanvin gloves / winter wonderland

It finally happened. Minneapolis got a real snowfall. It's first in almost two years, really, with how incredibly mild last winter was. I'm usually one who welcomes the warm winter, as I much prefer the spring and summertime, but the holiday season changes everything. It's just not right for the ground to be bare leading up to the holidays. And it pains me to admit that, without snow, I'm just not in the shopping spirit. There's no sense of urgency. Here's hoping that the change in weather lends itself to a psychological shift and I finally make and complete my gift list.

It's amazing how much impact a little snow can make. Not only have I been shopping online all day for gifts, but I finally decorated my apartment for Christmas, lit my candle that smells like Christmas, and put on my music that's all about Christmas. Let the official countdown begin!

To kick things off, a winter wonderland inspired outfit. Muted tones of blue, pink, and gray give a soft, peaceful feel to this look. I absolutely adore the simplicity of this Alexander McQueen dress it allowed me to feel totally fine about pairing this ornate chloe + isabel necklace to make more of a statement. The rest of the accessories are understated but lovely. And I don't care that it makes no sense to wear suede stiletto pumps in the snow. 


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