"I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" - Ida Maria

Ida Maria

I have this thing for lingerie. That sounds way more interesting than it actually is. Simply put, I like pretty things (that's way less sexy, right? Sound like it came from a 5 year old? Or Taylor Swift? Just wanted to put it into perspective.). Any woman would agree that wearing pretty undies gives her a confidence boost, whether anyone else will see them or not. And what better to do the job than La Perla, really.

Ida Maria's "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" is one of my favorite songs to blast in the car. I love that's sort of crude yet vulnerable and almost painfully honest. I thought about toughening up the collage a bit, but I wanted to capture more of that vulnerability. And the crazy hot Charlotte Olympia platforms and red YSL lipstick adds that less-than-sweet piece.

Listen to the song and see the video here.

Ida Maria 
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"Young at Heart" - Landon Pigg

Young at Heart

For Christmas a couple years ago, my grandmother gave me a small pewter jewelry box with some pieces from her vast collection that she wanted to me to have. I was thrilled to accept the jewelry, but what has remained more special to me is the cotton lining inside the jewelry box - it smells just like my Grandma's perfume. I will never throw that piece of cotton away, and anytime I'm feeling homesick I open the box and remember summers in South Dakota at Grandma's. She taught me how to dress up and apply makeup and I've always admired her sense of style. She's sort of the inspiration behind this look, although it would require a great deal more pink for her to wear it. And higher heels. 

Wide leg trousers are all over the spring runways, and I couldn't be happier. A throwback to the 70's while remaining relevant and classic all at the same time, I think they can be worn so many ways. While some may find the silhouette to be risky, I argue that if you find the right fit and style it appropriately you can absolutely own the look. I wanted to revamp an "old soul" look, and felt that Landon Pigg's cover of Frank Sinatra's "Young at Heart" was the perfectly appropriate song to match this look. 

Listen to Landon Pigg's version here.
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"Fembot" (Robyn)

"Fembot" - Robyn

My superbrain is all binary/
Circuitry and mainframe tens-filled here/
I'm sipping propane topped with a cherry/
In fact I'm a very scientifically advanced hot mama/
Artificially discreet no drama/
Digitally chic titanium mama

Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring 2011 Haute Collection was inspired by a fusion of the English punk rock movement and the French Can-can, but as I studied the looks, this song by Robyn kept replaying in my head. In addition to the themes Gaultier set out to show, I also got a very futuristic feel. The cut-out geometric looks, metallic pearl detail, and aggressively spiked accessories seem straight out of the 22nd century. 

(images courtesy of nymag.com and fashionologie)

I kept those ideas in mind as I put together the above collage. Exaggerated shapes and geometry, grays and whites with a pop of neon yellow.

See the song performed live at Skavlan here.

"Fembot" - Robyn


"Everywhere I Go" (Lissie)

Everywhere I Go

When I saw Lissie open for Ray LaMontagne at the State Theater in Minneapolis last December, I knew I would be a devoted fan. She performed this song solo with her acoustic guitar, and I immediately connected to it. The emotion is so strong and beautiful as she sings "angels will follow me now everywhere I go / angels will call on me and take me to my home". She filmed the music video while traveling with an elephant, and that video and the message of the song inspired this look. I listen to this song and imagine trudging through miles and miles to get to the ultimate destination.

I love the idea of juxtaposing this soft, flowing Acne gown with the roughness of the OASIS work boots and Helmut Lang jacket. Everything necessary to make the long journey is here, and the gown is there to remind you where you're going and why you're traveling.

See the video and listen to the song here.

Everywhere I Go


Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome.

2011 has begun, and this is the year I begin what I've been promising to begin since graduating college. It's been a tumultuous journey as I've begun and deleted some draft of this half a dozen times over the last couple years. It took some trial and error to realize what I truly wanted this to be. I've drooled over the idea of having an independent fashion blog since I discovered them early in college, but I needed some way to differentiate myself from others, ensuring I had a unique voice and point of view. All that pressure led to a lot of procrastination. But I think I have it. I know I have it. This is it. I'm so excited.