"Who'd Have Known" - Lily Allen

Who'd Have Known

Oh hey, did you guys know that it's almost Valentine's Day? Sort of hard to miss, what with all the commercials and love song/anti-Valentine's Day breakup song playlists. Being a bit of a romantic, I'm getting into the Valentine's spirit this year, paying extra close attention to all the love songs I listen to and buying handy hearts by the pound. On of the songs I've picked up recently is Lily Allen's "Who'd Have Known". It's been sampled on T-Pain & Wiz Khalifa's "5 O'Clock", but I listened to the orginal and it's such a sweet, honest story about the beginning of a relationship.

This look was a little trickier to put together because the song is much more literal than songs I've posted about in the past. With that in mind, I made the outfit a bit more "literal" as well, with literal meaning "totally wearable". This is what I imagine the girl in the song wearing her first night out with her crush. It's simple, accessible, cool, casual, but has some very pretty accessories to amp up the girly factor. 

Question time! What are you planning on wearing on Valentine's Day? Or what would you wear on your first big night with that special someone? 

Listen to the song here.


  1. I love collar necklace and this one looks amazing. I wore one in my latest blog post


  2. Love the pops of turquoise!
    Following you!


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