"We Are Young" - Fun.

We Are Young
I love writing these posts because it allows me to better understand why I love certain songs and connect with them. I've realized that themes that really resonate with me have been ones that evoke a sense of nostalgia, or love, or a sense of mortality. This is not one of those songs. But I still adore it.

This song has really been heating up the charts, as they say (gross), and it's easy to understand why. The melody is catchy as it builds, the percussion is moving and the overall sound gives the listener a sense of motivation to get out there and live. The message is simple: seize the moment. Enjoy life. The world is ours. Party it up. And, if we're being honest, get out there and find someone to carry you home tonight.

In honor of that sentiment, I've assembled one of those "out on the town" looks. You know the one - a little over the top, consisting of at least one piece that you're not quite sure you can pull off (but your friends insist you're rocking it, only you could make it work, and after a couple drinks you know that they are SO RIGHT)? This look is reserved for a night that will include more than one bar and dancing, lots of dancing.  So we have a Roland Mouret strappy top, some deliciously unavoidable J Brand waxed skinnies, Gucci zebra stilettos (you can totally dance in heels), and, of course, classic Wayfarers. If this look doesn't emulate a carefree night out, I don't know what does.

Listen to the song here.

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  1. I'm thoroughly impressed by how many "statement" pieces you've put together here without veering into overdone territory. Way to go.


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