"Summer in the City" - Regina Spektor


 "I start to miss you, baby, sometimes".

So we all know that this winter has been the absolute worst. I mean, really. Enough? Enough with the snow? Please? I'd like to have it be summer now, please. But I suppose all I can do until this frozen garbage melts it lust over spring trends and plan my ensembles in advance. What better to ring in the warmer season than this delightful Chloe frock? The salmon color is perfectly lovely and I added the jacket because, who are we kidding. As much as I'd love to jump head first out of winter, I know it's going to take some easing into.

We also know that summer is about showing off how much we worked our ass off for a killer beach body. I myself have a plan to do some intense bikram yoga and diet of primarily nonprocessed foods (ugh, do I sound like I'm writing for GOOP right now? Sorry.) to get myself ready for a little trip to Mexico. But whether there's an actual trip planned or not, I think motivation can also come from the possibility of seeing that someone that you used to love. Fantasies of casually running errands and passing on the street, looking utterly fabulous. "Oh this? It's nothing, just a little something I threw together - felt appropriate for this great weather we've been having! But how are YOU?"

That's the external. But that doesn't always match what going on in our head. This song is heartbreakingly beautiful in its tales of loneliness. "I've been hallucinating you, babe/In the backs of other women/And the tops of their shoulders/And they turn around and smile and/There's no recognition in their eyes". It's some of the saddest nostalgia to imagine, but I can't not love it.

"And don't get me wrong,  dear/In general, I'm doing quite fine."

Listen to the song here.

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