"Home" - Phillip Phillips


Topshop sweater / Clover Canyon pants / Dolce & Gabbana boots / Proenza Schouler handbag

Work has been exceptionally stressful lately; it's a busy time and it's been a little difficult to stay motivated. I'm not someone who is satisfied with less than 100%, so I'm able to get through it, but not without some emotional nights. I mention this because it's the first time since I started my career that I've felt a consistent struggle, and, as you may imagine, that's been difficult. Fortunately, I have an amazing support system, consisting of family, friends, boyfriend, fulfilling hobbies and activities, and music. It's incredible how a song can lift my spirits. So perhaps it's fate that right at the moment that I need some extra motivation, Phillip Phillips graduates from American Idol and inundates the radio waves with his first single.

This song can't help but inspire with it's strong bass drum beat and uplifting chorus of "ohs". It begins softly, with a plea to hang in there, because no matter how hard it gets, you're not alone, and you have a home (Perhaps I'm trivializing it when I connect it to how I'm feeling about my job when one imagines the other immense difficulties that others face, but that's something I love about music: I can relate on whatever level I need to relate, and others may do the same.).

As I created this look, I considered how I've been feeling and wanting to feel: comfortable, but not safe. I'm not asking for my life to be easier, and I don't want to stop being challenged, but I want to maintain some level of peace. This look embodies that theme, with a giant Topshop sweater (one of my all-time favorite pieces to wear throughout half the year), some Clover Canyon leggings, and Dolce & Gabbana boots. The pieces alone are always an easy, comfortable outfit option, but the print and pattern are strong and deliberate. The wearer is bold and willing to take risks.

Listen to the song here.

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