"Fembot" (Robyn)

"Fembot" - Robyn

My superbrain is all binary/
Circuitry and mainframe tens-filled here/
I'm sipping propane topped with a cherry/
In fact I'm a very scientifically advanced hot mama/
Artificially discreet no drama/
Digitally chic titanium mama

Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring 2011 Haute Collection was inspired by a fusion of the English punk rock movement and the French Can-can, but as I studied the looks, this song by Robyn kept replaying in my head. In addition to the themes Gaultier set out to show, I also got a very futuristic feel. The cut-out geometric looks, metallic pearl detail, and aggressively spiked accessories seem straight out of the 22nd century. 

(images courtesy of nymag.com and fashionologie)

I kept those ideas in mind as I put together the above collage. Exaggerated shapes and geometry, grays and whites with a pop of neon yellow.

See the song performed live at Skavlan here.

"Fembot" - Robyn

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