"Everywhere I Go" (Lissie)

Everywhere I Go

When I saw Lissie open for Ray LaMontagne at the State Theater in Minneapolis last December, I knew I would be a devoted fan. She performed this song solo with her acoustic guitar, and I immediately connected to it. The emotion is so strong and beautiful as she sings "angels will follow me now everywhere I go / angels will call on me and take me to my home". She filmed the music video while traveling with an elephant, and that video and the message of the song inspired this look. I listen to this song and imagine trudging through miles and miles to get to the ultimate destination.

I love the idea of juxtaposing this soft, flowing Acne gown with the roughness of the OASIS work boots and Helmut Lang jacket. Everything necessary to make the long journey is here, and the gown is there to remind you where you're going and why you're traveling.

See the video and listen to the song here.

Everywhere I Go

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