"Suicide Blonde" - The Weepies

Suicide Blonde

I started this look with the Topshop chiffon blouse and it kind of developed from there. There's nothing too crazy happening here, I just really like combining the apricot and the olive colors as well as the contrast between the soft chiffon and the tough-chic Balmain leather pants. Marrying these two and adding the twee Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony platforms seems to embody The Weepies' song "Suicide Blonde". It's from their sophomore album "Say I Am You", and I always thought this song stuck out from the rest of the record. It has a harsher rock feel to it, incorporating a stronger percussion beat and some electric guitar, but you still get the folksy vocals and the acoustic guitar at the beginning. It's trying to be tough, but it's just too sweet to keep you convinced.

Listen to the song here.

Suicide Blonde

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