"Forca" - Nelly Furtado


Before "Promiscuous Girl" swept the nation about 5 years ago, Nelly Furtado released her sophomore album, Folklore. I was in love with this album. I thought it was a perfectly eclectic mix of songs that were fun and personal and beautiful to listen to.

Folklore had a number of great songs that I enjoyed, but one that I always turned to when I needed cheering up was "Forca". This is one of those seriously empowering songs that can't help but make you feel better and more tenacious. What better to pair it with than a look with strong gold accessories and an unbelievably bold top? The gorgeous Lanvin skirt brings a softer sense of femininity to the ensemble, but that top requires some serious confidence. 

Listen to the song here.


  1. lovely and cool.


  2. I love how you put together the look. The top is amazing.



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