"Settle Down" - Kimbra

"Settle Down" - Kimbra

Ever since "Somebody That I Used To Know", I've become more and more interested in Kimbra. I'm drooling for her full-length album to be released in the States (if anyone knows where I can purchase it here, please let me know - it's not on iTunes nor is it on Amazon [booo]), and in the meantime I get to enjoy her 4-track Settle Down EP on repeat. 

The title track sets itself apart with an a cappella intro and a some percussive vocals that maintain throughout the song. It's a cheeky, honest song about wanting to settle down (hence the title, you guys). It almost sounds as if it's sung by a child who thinks she knows what love is, incorporating a bit of "Star Light, Star Bright", though it gets a bit more desperate towards the end and she almost begs her man to stay with her, singing "baby there's no need to run".

To evoke this look I put together a classic, "Mad Men" meets Stepford Wife look. Very demure, nothing too overt or risky, very proper. Almost unsettlingly so. 

Listen to the song here.

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