"Satisfied" - Cee-Lo Green


I so very much wish I had an occasion that demanded an ivory tulle tea length dress. If we're being honest, I wish I could wear a poofy dress every day of my life. "But you can!", they say, "wear what you want!". No. I work in a corporate setting. I cannot walk in wearing a dress as wide as it is long. Not until I get promoted a couple more times. 

Until that day comes, I will fantasize about an alternate reality in which it is perfectly acceptable to twirl instead of walk from place to place. Oh I can't wait. This would be my dressed down version, hence the denim and thick scarf. A girl can't be dressed to the nines every day - she has to slum it once in a while. 

Side note: whenever I see dresses like this I always think about Lea Thompson's dress at the Under the Sea dance in Back To The Future. If it weren't for the casual accessories I may have made this about the song "Earth Angel". It may or may not be a dream of mine to dance to that song. That's a pretty achievable dream, you might think. Oh really? Then why hasn't it happened yet?

But instead while slumming it on a lazy Saturday in this ensemble I would have Cee-Lo's "Satisfied" playing in my head on repeat. His album "The Ladykiller" was one of my favorites in 2010, and this song is one of the main drivers of that. It has such a retro feel and I can't help but feel happier when I hear it. I shoo-bop and doo-wop in my head every time, and this dress has doo-wop written all over it. 

Listen to the song here.

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  1. That tulle dress is gorgeous! And I agree with you that it should be acceptable to twirl around instead of walking! (Wearing beautiful little dresses like that of course!)

    Ely Ann
    Spicy Italian


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