"Suicide Medicine" - Rocky Votolato

Suicide Medicine

I will be forever indebted to my parents for a number of things. The obvious things: raising me well, giving me a really great childhood and adolescence, molding me into the person I am today. Another notable influence? Music. My music tastes have very much been influenced by those of my parents. My father is the one who taught me to appreciate an album in its entirety, without shuffling songs and without skipping songs. And he always stressed the importance of purchasing the actual CD, not the digital version, so you can appreciate the artwork the artist painstaking selected. 

My father is also the one who introduced me to Rocky Votolato. He was in a record store one day and hear a song from "Makers" being played. He immediately loved the song and asked the staff where he could find that album (another trait I got from my parents - having and indulging in immediate reactions). Since then I've seen Rocky twice live, once with my dad. I've really come to appreciate his music as each new album has been released since then. He seems to cross genres, moving from a rougher tonality and harsh melody to a lighter, folksy sound and then on to an almost country feel. 

This outfit is inspired by "Suicide Medicine" from Rocky's album of the same name. This was the one of those harsher feeling albums. This song has such a great hook but you can't ignore the sound of erratic desperation and hopeless nostalgia. Those are the feelings I tried to evoke with this look. The look is pretty straightforward - rough around the edges, alluding that it was hastily thrown together, but I really enjoyed putting the details together. I added some uber-girly pearls and feminie shades to evoke the sense of vulnerability in this song. I especially like this YSL clutch that looks like an addressed letter; I included it here to reference the life that was lost.
Listen to the song here.

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